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Bernie Fine Allegations: Zach Tomaselli Keeps Talking

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Zach Tomaselli (who always seems to have a nice headshot handy for each story) continues his media tour as attention shifts away from the first two accusers and moves to him.

The most interesting interview he's done recently is the one he did with the Kansas State student newspaper. In it, he reiterrates just how he ended up in Pittsburgh despite the fact that the team, including Bernie Fine, were flying to the game from Tennessee.

On Jan. 22, 2002, Tomaselli's parents dropped him off at Syracuse where he boarded a bus full of Syracuse support staff. He was the only kid on the trip.

But then there's this..Tomaselli tells the newspaper that ESPN reporter Mark Schwarz facilitated first contact between Bobby Davis and Tomaselli himself.

"I emailed [Cowherd] and he forwarded the email to Mark Schwarz," Tomaselli said. Schwarz is an enterprise reporter for ESPN. "After talking to Schwarz on the phone, I got a phone call from a private number."

The call was from Davis.

I don't know the first thing about journalism but that sure sounds like Mark Schwarz has inserted himself into the story he's reporting on, doesn't it? What a clusterf***.

(Jason Whitlock raises the question...if Schwarz got access to Tomaselli before anyone, why did the Post-Standard end up getting the initial hit? Did Schwarz pass him off to the P-S in order to make it look "fairer?" Goodness gravy.)

Moving on, Tomaselli told USA Today that Syracuse Police intimidated him into not talking to the media. Something that clearly hasn't worked.

A Syracuse police detective responded by saying "It is common practice for us to ask people not to speak to the media. If they choose to do so, that's their prerogative."

Meanwhile, the relationship between him and his father continues to cause concerns. His father accuses him of being a liar. He accuses his father of molesting him as well. The NY Daily News confirmed that Alfred Tomaselli was investigated in June, no arrest was made and the case is now closed.

Finally, Tomaselli's Pittsburgh bus story has become a controversial part of his allegations. He's sticking to his story and says he has proof that he was there, but he can't show it because police are investigating. Speaking of police, the Pittsburgh police have declined to investigate Tomaselli's claims and are letting the U.S. Attorney in the Northern District of New York handle it as part of their overall investigation.