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Floyd Little, Don McPherson Comment On Penn State, Joe Paterno

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Sure, you've heard all about Joe Paterno and the mess that the Penn St. Nittany Lions find themselves in these days. But if you're like me, you've been wondering...what do some of Syracuse's greatest football alumni think?

Let's find out.

Floyd Little:

"For this to happen, or unravel, at this time in Joe's career, it's unfortunate. But something should have been done long before now. ... I think the best thing for Penn State is for Joe and his team to step down and let somebody else start running the program."

Don McPherson:

In an attempt to preserve a storied reputation, Joe Paterno has called on all "Penn Staters to trust what that (institution) stands for." If these charges are true, that same veil of trust might have allowed a child sexual predator to go undetected.

The world of sports contains many good men. But there is also a culture of silence upon which the myth of men thrives. We often speak of sports in terms of courage and integrity. Those altruistic qualities must transcend the field and be brought to bear for the protection of our children.