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Syracuse Daily Links - Bring It, St. Rose...

Things to watch for as Syracuse takes on St. Rose | The Juice Online
Will James Southerland rebound the ball? James Southerland earned playing time last year as a thee-point specialist who could play the wing in the zone. He began to lose that playing time when coach Jim Boeheim saw that he was not rebounding effectively (2.25 rpg in 14.14 mpg). With CJ Fair flashing a smooth 3-point jumper and the best rounded game of any of the SU forwards vying for playing time opposite Kris Joseph, it seems likely that he will receive the lion’s share of the minutes in that spot.

MBB | Out and running: After struggling early against Cal State-LA, SU looks to start faster - Sports - The Daily Orange
"Coach (Boeheim) wanted us to attack more tonight — take it to the basket and dish it, or if it wasn't there, bring it back out," Waiters said after the game. "But he wanted us to attack, so that's what I came to do."

Line leads the way for Orange offense - The Oracle - University of South Florida
"You know, (Syracuse) coach (Doug) Marrone, in my opinion, was one of the best offensive line coaches before he got the head job at Syracuse, so it starts up there," Snyder said. "They are very well-coached up front. Their offensive line coach, Greg Adkins, played with me at Marshall. He's been at Tennessee; he's been a lot of places. He's a great offensive line coach. So when you watch them up front, they are very, very well-coached."

Syracuse basketball 2011-12 season predictions |
See how the The Post-Standard's Mike Waters, Donna Ditota, Bud Poliquin and Dennis Nett think the Orange will do this season. All-America teams - ESPN
Kris Joseph is a 2nd-teamer according to multiple analysts.

Club Trillion's Only Partially Biased College Basketball Preview Spectacular - The Triangle Blog
The Orange were one of the best teams in the Big East last year, they have virtually everybody back, and they have a couple of stud recruits coming in who should play huge roles for them. There just aren’t any other teams in the conference that can say that. Except for UConn, of course.

The Axepress Lane: Syracuse basketball preview day; wondering about the crowd for SU-USF; and an election day concern |
With Syracuse returning home with those two losses on it's belt, you have to wonder if that West Virginia crowd was a flash in the pan or if the fans will respond again to do their part to help the team try and get back on track.

College Football Rankings, Week 11: Alabama Falls In BlogPoll, But Only To No. 4 -
Much as in the major human polls and BCS rankings this week, I was most interested to see where Alabama would rank in the Week 11 BlogPoll. That answer is No. 4, behind No. 1 LSU, No. 2 Oklahoma State, and No. 3 Stanford. If the BlogPoll were a component of the BCS formula, that would be bad news for No. 5 Boise State.

2011-12 season preview: Top 68 things to watch - NCAA Division I Mens Basketball -
27. Syracuse fans' love-hate relationship with Scoop Jardine: The veteran point guard will win the Orange a game they should probably lose at some point, and he'll shoot them right out of a tight contest, too. Such is life with Jardine running things.

Eighth Grade Is For Kids: Scouting America's Top-Ranked 15-Year-Old Basketball Stars
The Couches have brought on former NBA player John Wallace to work with the players today. He was an All-American at Syracuse but played seven unremarkable seasons in the NBA. Wallace isn't necessarily the perfect representative of hoops dreams' cautionary tale—only another version of one—but he still thinks his story is important here. His concern, and the focus of the talk he delivered to the Super 16 players the night before, is "preparing yourself for life after basketball."

There's nothing left for Kenny Haas to do but rant...