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Report: Syracuse Basketball's James Southerland Is Awesome

The Post-Standard's Syracuse Orange season preview is out and you should probably be reading all of it. There's the "love him or hate him" breakdown of Scoop Jardine, whether or not Kris Joseph can shed the "soft" label and Year 2 of the Dion Waiters Saga, just to name a few.

Obviously, the best part is the offbeat questions that were posed to each of the SU basketball players. Let's face it, it's the only analysis that counts. And it proves what we've known for a long time...James Southerland is awesome.

When asked who their favorite ex-Syracuse players where, the big winner was Wes Johnson who received three mentions. Lawrence Moten and Hakim Warrick also received multiple mentions. Leave it to Mookie to say Demetris Nichols.

James Southerland's answer: DaShonte Riley


What's the worst thing about practice? Everyone seems to have a special thing they dislike the most. Rakeem Christmas isn't a big fan of stretching, but he better damn-well become one. Just show him recent pictures of Greg Oden and Yao Ming every day and he'll get it.

When asked what they'd be doing if not playing basketball, here's where the fun kicks in.

Michael Carter-Williams: A detective. I watch CSI a lot.

Which is how most detectives get their jobs...

Scoop Jardine: I'd be on Wall Street

Holding a protest sign...

Baye Moussa Keita: Own a car business

The jingle possibilities are endless. Come down to Moussa Keita Chevrolet today, where you'll get a great BUY FROM BAYE!

Fab Melo: I'd be a comedian.

I reserve comment.

Dion Waiters: Real estate

If someone hasn't Photoshopped Dion Waiters' face onto a Re/Max sign by this evening, I'm going to be very disappointed.

When asked their favorite holiday, almost everyone said Christmas, even Rakeem Christmas.

James Southerland's answer: Rakeem.


What music do they listen to before a game?  Lots of Meek Mill, apparently. No Tone Loc, though. A rare upset there. Trevor Cooney says he likes house music. I always pegged Cooney as a Skrillex fan.

James Southerland's answer: I'm switching it up this year. Curtis Mayfield.


The favorite food section is my favorite because everyone loves the worst stuff that a top tier athlete could possibly want to eat. Chinese food, fried chicken.

God damn if Kris Joseph's favorite meal sound fantastic:

My mom's home-cooked curry chicken with rice, macaroni pie, potato salad and grapefruit juice

And of course, OF COURSE, Scoop has to say "Philly cheesesteak." I mean...of course.

Southerland also wins in the vote for "which Orange is going to end up with a wife on Basketball Wives" with three guesses. To be fair, he ties with Scoop.

I say, may they all be so successful that their wives end up on reality TV shows...