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Syracuse Basketball: Every St. Rose Has Its Thorn

Cover of <a href="" target="new">The Post-Standard’s 2011-12 Syracuse University men’s basketball preview</a>, which will appear in Tuesday's print editions.
Cover of The Post-Standard’s 2011-12 Syracuse University men’s basketball preview, which will appear in Tuesday's print editions.

Scoop Jardine is a man who inspires a lot of different opinions. And that's just amongst Syracuse Orange fans.

The enigma that is Scoop Jardine: Guard & Team Leader makes the cover of the Post-Standard's basketball preview and rightfully so. Live By The Scoop, Die By The Scoop was a mantra so many of us got used to last season and it might just be the same one we operate under this season.

In a way, Scoop remains something of an unknown. As much as he's accomplished, many still refuse to put him among the best in the nation or even the Big East. And yet, he has accomplished so much while at SU and proven himself a leader on the court. The proving continues for Jardine as we head into his final season in the Dome.

Scoop and The Orange will wrap up the preseason Tuesday night against College of St. Rose. It's hard to know exactly what we'll learn against a team that many of our walk-ons could start on. Still, it will be one more critical exhibition that allows the team an opportunity to gel and for the younger players to find their groove.

Who knows, maybe there will even be another C.J. Fair three-pointer sighting.

Syracuse beat the Golden Knights by a mere nine points in 2007. While it doesn't really matter, it would be nice to see the team put together a point differential closer to the CSULA game. The Knights are coming of a Division II NCAA Tournament berth and 22-9 season.

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