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Eric Devendorf Drafted By Idaho Stampede, Boise Braces For Impact

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Syracuse Orange fans are being pulled to take a trip to Boise, Idaho in the near future. If the news that SU could end up playing football in Boise soon doesn't get you to buy your Southwest ticket, then the news that former SU basketball player and Crown Prince of New Zealand Eric Devendorf has been drafted by the NDBL's Idaho Stampede.

The Stampede play at CenturyLink Arena in Boise, Idaho and are connected to the Denver Nuggets, Portland Trail Blazers and Utah Jazz..

After stints in New Zealand, Australia and Turkey, I'm sure Devo is happy to play here in the States and stay within a quick plane ride to his family.

Training camp begins Nov. 14 for the Stampede and the season starts Nov. 25. It's unclear if he's still with the team but the Stampede roster included former Boston Celtics star Antoine Walker. Other draft picks include Kentucky's Kevin Galloway and Louisville's Kendall Dartez.

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