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Syracuse vs. UConn: Familiar Faces, Familiar Results?

General awesomeness (as usual) <a href="" target="new">courtesy of Michael Borkowski and</a>
General awesomeness (as usual) courtesy of Michael Borkowski and

When the Syracuse Orange look across the field at the Connecticut Huskies tomorrow, they'll see one familiar face staring back at them...former longtime SU coach Paul Pasqualoni. And when they look up into the coaches boxes, they'll see another one...former longtime SU offensive coordinator George DeLeone.

Both coaches were part of a lot of wins at Syracuse but we tend to remember the losses more often than not. We'd like to remember the two of them losing one more time.

Speaking of DeLeone, he used to coach a snot-nosed little punk named Doug Marrone. DeLeone remembers him fondly.

"Doug was a really good player for us," DeLeone said. "Bob Brotzki was a really good player. Both were NFL players. I was blessed to arrive when they were seniors."

"I respect a lot of people in this profession, but I respect him beyond just coaching," Marrone said. "He’s meant so much to me. When I first started to try to break into coaching he was at the forefront writing letters of recommendation and calling people for me. Those are things you don’t forget when you get older."

Which Syracuse team will show up Saturday? Your guess is as good as mine (though I don't think it will be the same one that showed up last weekend...). Dave Rahme thinks the key is to stay positive...figuratively and literally.

SU had zero negative-yardage plays vs. West Virginia and went 12-for-17 on third down. It had 15 negative-yardage plays vs. Louisville and was 3-for-14 on third down. With its limited ability to make big plays, it must keep itself in manageable situations on third down. It must stay away from negative-yardage plays.

In general, it would be nice to beat UConn just for the sake of it. They've beaten us four times in a row (blasphemy) and has never lost to us at home. Coach Marrone missed out of the chance to beat Louisville for the first time last week, he can cash in his UConn Victory Card this week if we win, so that would be nice.

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