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Syracuse Basketball: Fab Melo Granted Adjournment In Contemplation Of Dismissal

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Does that title confuse you, too?

It's true, though. As long as Fabricio de Melo keeps his nose clean for the next year, that fourth degree criminal mischief charge from this summer's incident will be removed from the record.

Fab Melo appeared in Syracuse City Court this afternoon on a charge of fourth degree criminal mischief. Judge Stephen Dougherty granted Melo an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal. That means if Melo stays out of trouble for one year the charge would be "dismissed as if it never occurred."

Melo didn't make a comment, but his attorney reiterated that Melo has undergone counseling since the incident. His girlfriend still has a partial order of protection, which must make dating awkward.

One thing to note...this was the first time Melo was not accompanied by Bernie Fine during one of his court appearances. I mean, obviously, but, worth noting nonetheless.

No word on any hearing or punishment from the SU Judicial Board or SU Athletics. I think they're both a little busy right now...

Just keep that #Melohawk clean, Fab. Please and thank you.