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Jim Boehem Press Conference: 'So Be It'

The Jim Boeheim Press Conference that your mom is talking about today.

Jared Smith from SB Nation NY was on hand at the press conference and has a rundown of the full event.

"I supported a friend,’’ Boeheim candidly responded when asked about why he so strongly supported Fine when the initial allegations surfaced earlier this month. "That’s what I thought I did. If you’ve known somebody and worked with them for 36 years and known them for 48 years and went to school with them, I think you owe a debt of allegiance and gratitude for what he did for the program. That’s what my reaction was. So be it.’’

"If I believe something is right, something that I need to do, I will do it," Boeheim said after being asked a question that targeted his arrogance, which the reporter said could come off as him acting like he's bigger than the school. "If I don't have an opinion, and somebody tells me what to say or do, and I don't have an opinion and I am fine with it. Then, that's fine.

"But (when I say people don't tell me what to do), I am talking more about coaching decisions. Talking more about, who plays, who doesn't play. As for as, if the chancellor of this university calls me and says, 'Jim this is what we're going to do,' that's what we're going to do."

Jared shares what he took away from the entire event:

We have learned two things since this scandal became public. Barring any new damaging information against him, Jim Boeheim will continue to be himself -- a smart, loyal, interestingly stubborn man -- and the coach of the Orange; Most importantly, though, people need to realize that just because Boeheim may keep his job doesn't mean that SU basketball is winning off the court like it is on it. In stories like this, there are no winners.

Of course, not everyone is going to take it that way. You're probably reading a lot of reactions that paint Boeheim as an abhorrent individual this morning. They'll focus on the joke he told at the beginning (which, to be fair, wasn't a very smart move and revealed, to me, how worried he is about this). They'll talk about how he doesn't seen to understand the gravity of the situation. They'll pick apart the juiciest sound byte to prove the theory or point. Sheep will read those articles or watch the snippet without watching the entire press conference and come to the same conclusions.

From what I can tell, we're entering the most dangerous part of this whole saga. Syracuse fans are rallying around their coach & program. The national media is making it clear they're looking for blood and the public tide has turned against Boeheim. With more allegations assumed to be on the horizon, the clamor is only going to get louder.

Like Boeheim said, there's still a lot of facts to be revealed about what happened on his watch. In the meantime, if you are picking a side, make sure you've got your facts straight and keep your emotions in check. As much as possible.