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Boise State Coming To Big East, Possibly As Soon As 2013

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If things stand pat, the Boise St. Broncos and the Syracuse Orange will be Big East conference-mates for one season.

Boise got the go-ahead from its State Board (which doesn't include any Regents, Trustees, Governors or Curators) to accept the invitation from the Big East. According to the announcement, Boise will give the Mountain West one-year's notice, which will eliminate the $5M exit fee. That also means they will be a Big East member by the start of the 2013 football season.

As of this moment, Syracuse will be a Big East school (though not a voting member) until the end of the 2013 season. SO, if things stand pat, West Virginia's lawsuit gets thrown out and the Big East decided to keep being babies...Syracuse and Boise State may just play one another in 2013.

I say may because, assuming the other five invitees follow Boise's same course, there could be as many as 15 football teams in the Big East in 2013. Aside from noting the irony that the Big East would, briefly, have achieved the mega-conference status that ruined it, it also means there's a lot of conference foes you won't be playing that year.

But, that's still a ways away and a lot can happen between now and then. In the meantime, know that the Big East know includes a team in Idaho and we're eventually off to greener, not bluer, pastures.