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Financially-Savvy Andy Rautins Is Financially-Savvy

There are two tales of NBA Lockout Life making the rounds today. The first is of former Georgetown player DaJuan Summers, who signed a lucrative deal with a team in Italy but left after only four games to return home. His list of horrors that await NBA players (people aren't good drivers! The team plane was tiny! The hotel beds are smaller!) are enough to scare any millionaire out of taking the chance at discomfort for six-figure salaries.

On the flip side is former Syracuse Orange and current New York Knicks player Andy Rautins. Andy made an appearance at Midnight Madness a few weeks back and he even showed up for the team's exhibition game this week. How does a guy living in New York City get around so much? Cause he's not living in NYC...he's living at home with Leo.

The Knicks guard has stayed in his parents’ home outside of Syracuse during the lockout, sleeping in his childhood bedroom.

"It’s nice to get some home cooked meals up here," Rautins, a former Syracuse star, said in a phone interview. "It’s nice because it’s a rare opportunity to spend time with family and friends. Normally, you’d been in a busy season by this time. But I’ve been trying to see the positives in [staying home] and there’s a bunch so far. It’s saving me a lot of money right now and I think that’s a big concern for a lot of players."

NBA Athletes...they're just like us!

Andy's using his time wisely. He's exploring an internship with a financial company. He made $200,000 last year and has a pending team option on his 2012 contract but there are no guarantees what the future holds in pro basketball, especially as the lockout drags on.

So, if you need one more guy for your pick-up game, feel free to stop by the Rautins household and ask Mama Rautins if Andy can come out and play. He's not too pleased with the attention, but he is available.

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