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Syracuse vs. UConn: Foster Home This Weekend

There are only two kind of injuries that can affect Syracuse Orange football players. The dreaded Upper Body Injury and the dreaded Lower Body Injury.

Syracuse freshman wide receiver Kyle Foster has been struck by the dreaded Lower Body Injury and he will miss the game against the Connecticut Huskies this weekend.

The Ann Arbor, Mich. native has played in six games this season at receiver and on special teams. He has six special teams tackles, including five solo, for the Orange.

Nolan Weidner is also reporting that kicker Ross Krautman suffered a slight groin pull, or strain, a.k.a. the dreaded Lower Body Injury. He will likely not handle kickoffs, but remains okay for field goals and extra points. Shane Raupers would handle kickoffs in Das Boot's absence.

Be on the lookout for Lower Body Injuries and Upper Body Injuries on your travels through Syracuse University. If you see a Lower or Upper Body Injury, please alert a physician and apply Icy Hot where you can.