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Syracuse vs. UConn Photoshop Challenge: Create The Coach P Trophy

via <a href="" target="new">Jeff Passetti</a>
via Jeff Passetti

From now until he's fired two years from now, the annual battle between the Syracuse Orange and Connecticut Huskies will be The Coach P Bowl (not to be confused with the Couch Pee Bowl, which is West Virginia - South Florida.

Every great rivalry needs a trophy. Syracuse vs. West Virginia has the Schwartzwalder Trophy. Louisville vs. Cincinnati has the Keg of Nails. Iowa vs. Iowa State has the Godforsaken Cy Hawk Trophy.

Syracuse vs. UConn needs a Coach P Trophy. And that's where you come in.

It's probably too late to get one assembled this season but I'd love to be able to show the designer some mock-ups for next year. I've got some examples to get you started but feel free to add your own possibilities in the comments below.


"Et tu, bologna?" via Matt Smith


via Jeff Passetti


via Philip Pissas


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