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Nancy Cantor: Jim Boeheim 'Is Our Coach'

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Nancy Cantor emerged from a conference today and, when asked about the status of Jim Boehiem, said that ""he is our coach."

"Coach Boeheim is our coach and he’s getting the team ready for tonight," she told reporters in her first public comments in the wake of Bernie Fine’s dismisal amid child sexual abuse allegations. "I’m very pleased with the statement he made Sunday night."

Honestly, I don't if that means as much as some people think. It's a vote of confidence...kinda. I mean, all she really did was state the obvious. At this point in time, Jim Boeheim is our coach. The unsaid addendum is that, if certain facts change, he may or may not be our coach in the future.

I suppose because we live in a weird world where we need information to dissect and then spend the rest of the day dissecting it, this gives some people the reassurance they were looking for. And certainly, Cantor has been careful with her words up until this point so by publicly standing by her coach, it's a good sign.

But don't go throwing any parades or anything.