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(Updated) Bernie Fine Allegations: Laurie Fine To Fight Back, Claim Conversation Tampered With, Says Nephew

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Update 2: Gary Tuchman spoke with Laurie Fine briefly at her front door and the exchange will be televised on Anderson Cooper 360 tonight at 8pm ET. Keep in mind this is probably not as juicy as it sounds. It's not a planned statement, it's an ambush, so expect it to be brief and uninteresting.

Update: Laurie Fine tells WYSR she has no plans to make any announcement in spite of the reports.

Original: Sunday, ESPN dropped the bombshell audio recording of Laurie Fine and Bobby Davis apparently discussing Bernie Fine's predilections related to the ongoing sexual abuse allegations. The recording was apparently done without Laurie Fine's knowledge.

Now, the wife of the accused former Syracuse Orange coach is going to fight back.

The wife of former Syracuse University assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine will make a statement Tuesday challenging the implications of a tape recording of a 2002 telephone conversation with her husband's accuser that appears to show she knew of alleged sexual abuse of boys, her nephew said Monday.

According to the nephew, Matt Govendo, Davis had previously threatened Laurie that he would release the tape after the Fine's cut him off "after 15 years of leaching off them, eating their food, living there."

Govendo also added that his family still does not believe the allegations.

I'm not gonna lie, I want to believe this. But...well, I don't know... That's a heckuva lot of tampering that would have been needed.

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