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Bernie Fine Allegations: Burning Questions And Concerns

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First of all, I want to quote a comment from this morning's post that I think is really, really important, via Orange&P:

It's amazing how quickly everyone goes to be nearly certain it’s false, to being certain it’s true.

If we should learn anything from this, it’s how quickly things can change tomorrow. Who knows what tomorrow’s headline will be, that could discredit the conversation or the new accuser, discredit everything we’ve heard, or, of course, entirely confirm it?

We are looking back on yesterday saying "man how dumb we look to doubt these guys," yet can’t contemplate that tomorrow new facts might make us say "man we were dumb to believe it based on those Sunday articles that turned out to have wrong information/discredited accusers/etc."

I for one am completely done making assumptions until someone confesses that they were lying, or there is overwhelming evidence with no reason to doubt such evidence (as with sandusky). If that never happens, it never happens. But this story is way too crazy to believe that we’re anywhere near the end of the twists and turns, or pretend we know what the hell is going on.

Obviously, today's bombshell doesn't bode well for Bernie Fine in the least. Fine has released a statement through his attorney (via CNYCentral's Michael Benny).

Mr. Fine will not comment on newspaper stories beyond his initial statement. Any comment from him would only invite and perpetuate ancient and suspect claims. Mr. Fine remains hopeful of a credible & expeditious review of the relevant issues by authorities.

Jim Boeheim hasn't commented and won't be commenting anytime soon, according to Pete Moore. Given that Boeheim has been outspoken in his defense of Fine before now, it's something that's rankling a lot of people.

Speaking of Boeheim, you can't but wonder what happens to him if these allegations are finally proven true. If true, it's hard to see a situation where he coaches beyond this season (or even makes it to the end of the season).

Everyone is pointing to his fiery comments defending Fine but I don't think that's the point.

Boeheim was in charge the entire time when these allegations took place. At the end of the day, he is responsible for his staff, his team, his players and the program. When something bad happens with a company, we blame the CEO. When something goes wrong in the government, we blame the President. And if this is all true, Boeheim will have to shoulder blame. It might not be fair but who said anything about this situation is going to turn out fair?

And this is before we get into SU's internal investigations and what was uncovered during them. AND the culpability of DOCTOR Gross and Nancy Cantor, who were in charge in 2005.

ALL OF THAT SAID, nothing is proven yet (believe it or not) so let's do our best to keep things in the world of conjecture.

There's so many questions flying around right now but some that are at the top of mind for me include:

  • ESPN had this tape in 2003? And they felt like they didn't have enough evidence to do anything with it? WHAT? Everything about the way ESPN has handled this from a journalistic standpoint is just strange. I don't get it.
  • Obviously, the question now is, did the Post-Standard and SU know about this recording as well in '02/'03? If so...look out...
  • And how bout Syracuse Universities internal investigation? What exactly did it uncover? You can be damn sure someone is looking into that.
  • What to make of this third accuser? We're in no position to cast doubt but his current situation doesn't sound all that great.
  • If I'm reading this right, Laurie Fine had an affair with a man whom her husband had been molesting since he was 12? I don't even know what to do with that information.

So many more questions obviously and very few answers. Tread carefully, everyone...