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Bernie Fine Allegations: Fine's Home Searched By Syracuse, State Police

Update: Officers from the U.S. Secret Service were part of the search. That doesn't sound good.

Syracuse and State Police searched the home of Syracuse Orange assistant Bernie Fine Friday in connections with the sexual abuse allegations made against him.

Four state troopers stood at 2:25 p.m at the foot of the driveway at Fine's home at 7001 Tiffany Circle. Other officers could be seen outside the house; three appeared to be looking through a trash can. A Syracuse Police crime scene van was parked up the driveway near the home and at least a half-dozen marked and unmarked police vehicles were parked on the street.

Fine was home during the search, which saw his trash cans get overturned as police sifted through the trash.They also examined two SUVs parked in Fine's driveway.

The state officers on hand referred all questions to the U.S. Attorney's office. With the Syracuse Police not giving him any information and the U.S. Attorney's office seemingly in charge, it's beginning to become very clear by Syracuse D.A. William Fitzpatrick is throwing a hissy fit.

Here's some video from