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Paul Harris Not With Maine Red Claws Due To 'Personal Reasons'

On Paul Harris' quest to the NBA, there always seems to be something getting in the way. Usually it's been an injury but this time it's the dreaded "on-going family matter."

Ridiculous Upside has reported that the Maine Red Claws have dropped Harris as part of a trim down to a 10-man roster. They cited "personal reasons."

On November 21st, the Red Claws themselves noted that Harris was the only player in their then-12-man roster who wasn't in camp:

Returning Red Claws guard Paul Harris also remains on the team’s roster but has not yet arrived in Maine due to an on-going family matter.

Now, he's been excised. However, that doesn't mean he's done with the Claws. Ridiculous Upside explains:

If players are released because they are hurt or due to personal reasons, the team still retains their rights -- it's essentially a "reserve" list with a worse-sounding name.

Hopefully whatever the situation is, it gets resolved favorably and Paul can get back to playing basketball. And of course, if this doesn't work, there's always the Philippines.

Speaking of former Syracuse players in the NBDL, Eric Devendorf survived the cut in Idaho and Terrence Roberts remains with the LA D-Fenders.