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Fab Melo Got A Haircut: Analysis

Getty Images

The evolution of Fab Melo has been something to watch. He's changed his game. He's changed his conditioning. He's changed his muscles.

Most importantly, he's changed his hair.

It's been a long, strange trip for Fab Melo's folicles. He started out with this kind-of 1920's gangster look. From there, he started letting it round out. He came into this season with a bushier outlook on things.

And now, his hair has slimmed down. It's more aerodynamic. It's more fluid. It seems to have lost the excess weight and rededicated itself to love of the game.

Just like the big man himself.

As Fab's game improves, his hair has come with him. Now, we're starting to tap into Andy Rautins-like territory. Who knows where we'll be by the time Fab is a senior. Afros, braids and No. 51 etchings are no longer out of the question.

We stand on the precipice of history. And Fab Melo's noggin will take us there.