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Bernie Fine Allegations: D.A. Fitzpatrick vs. Syracuse Police, Live On PPV

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I tell you what, the eventual movie about the Bernie Fine allegations keeps getting twistier and twistier.

This is officially now about District Attorney William Fitzpatrick and Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler.

District Attorney William Fitzpatrick today accused Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler and Deputy Chief Sean Broton of criminally "leaking" a witness affidavit in the Bernie Fine case in an effort to embarrass the prosecutor's office.

"This should frighten every person in the city of Syracuse," Fitzpatrick said. He went on to accuse Fowler of implementing new procedures restricting prosecution access to all reports in the possession of police and to suggest police officials may be responsible for the vandalism of one of his investigator's cars.

And just like that, this is no longer about Bernie Fine or Bobby Davis or Mike Lang or any of that. It's about a local DA and a local police force settling old scores, picking fights and calling each other names.

"You think I'm going to stand for this?" he asked angrily. "You think I'm going to allow this emperor to think he's going to undermine public safety?"

William Fitzpatrick drives a Dodge Stratus.

Meanwhile, if there's one other person who has skyrocketed to the top of the list of 'persons of interest' in the allegations, it's Danielle Roach. The 37-year-old is Bobby Davis' longtime friend and reportedly his ex-girlfriend. She is also the one who pushed Davis to come forward both in 2002 and now in 2011.

She tells her side and provides a rather convincing response to the many, many people who have come forward to defend Bernie Fine:

"There are going to be hundreds of people that can come and speak well of Bernie because Bernie didn’t abuse everybody," Roach said. "And he certainly didn’t say hey, come and watch this and come and see what this dark side of me is."

One interesting tidbit she shares with the Post-Standard is that, according to her, Mike Lang contacted ESPN without telling Davis or Roach.

And so, as the battles play out in public and the investigation continues behind the scenes, a call for restraint continues sound out. Jim Boeheim's words may end up coming back to haunt him, genuine or not. In the meantime, all we can do is sit back and watch the circus unfold.