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Syracuse Basketball's Biggest Recruiting Targets Remain Unaffected By Allegations

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The Isaiah Whitehead brouhaha brought to the forefront the issue of Syracuse Orange recruiting and whether or not America's top talent would still be interested in choosing SU.

According to Nation of Orange, it doesn't seem to have any effect whatsoever. For now.

When asked if the allegations have changed their opinions of Syracuse or impacted their recruitment...

Chris McCullough: Not at all. This situation has had zero impact on my decision.

Nerlens Noel: It hasn't had any impact at all.

Wayne Selden: It doesn't really affect it much. I still look at Syracuse the same way as I did prior to the allegations.

BeeJay Anya: I don't think it will affect my feelings about Syracuse. I just hope that they are able to move past the situation.

So, take that as a good sign that the Orange remain a legitimate contender for the nation's top recruits. And in turn, they're smart enough to separate allegations from facts.