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Syracuse vs. Cincinnati: Doug Marrone Trying To Fix 'Adverse Situation'

The last home game of the season. Senior Day. The chance to get bowl eligible.

There's a lot of reasons to be in the building when the Syracuse Orange host the Cincinnati Bearcats this Saturday. Just in case, SU Athletics has decided to sweeten the pot and make sure your bloated, post-Thanksgiving belly is in the Dome.

The Thankful Fan Special - available Thanksgiving Day-only, $15 for  best available 300-level endzone and corner seats.

The 4-for-4 Special - Four tickets to the game, four tickets to any SU basketball game and four SU hats for $244.

The 12th Man Package - 12 tickets to the game, four parking passes, 12 hot dogs and 12 drinks for $255.

Go to the Carrier Dome site to order online or call 888-DOMETIX.

As for those of us who can't make it, the game will be televised on the Big East Network, specifically SNY. There was the possibility that the game could have ended up on ESPN2 but recent swoons by both teams have made the game a little less desirable. So long as it's not on Cox Sports, so be it.

When we all settle in to watch the game, it's still unknown who will be taking the bulk of snaps for the Bearcats. Munchie Legaux had a less-than-stellar debut last week. Butch Jones told reporters that Legaux might be pushed by sophomore Jordan Luallen or junior Brendon Kay this week in practice.

Finally, if you didn't hear the Doug Marrone interview on Brent Axe's show yesterday, you really have to give it a listen. Some great insight into how HCDM is going to right the ship as well as discussions about Phil Thomas, Ryan Nassib, Alec Lemon and Nick Provo.

"Obviously, right now, we have been faced with some great adversity. Whenever any team, doesn't matter what sport you play, loses three games in a row and with the way we have played, you have an adverse situation.

I have gone back and tried to see if there were signs there before. In practice, there were no signs that we were going to go out and perform the way we have performed in these past three games (Louisville, UConn, South Florida). So, the first thing that hits my mind is are we getting a false impression of how our execution is going to be on Saturday during the week?


So, what we have done, is we have kind of gone back and gone Syracuse vs Syracuse. Not to a point where we are trying to beat the kids up, obviously anyone with common sense knows you can't do that at the end of the year, but we are getting after each other to pick up this level of play."

Just be thankful Axe didn't also post his call from Katherine in Arizona. You really missed out.