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Nick Provo Left Off Mackey Award Finalists List

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Nick Provo might be the best statistical tight end in the history of Syracuse Orange football, but he won't be among the finalists when the winner of the 2011 Mackey Award, named for Syracuse legend John Mackey, is named.

Provo has basically shattered every SU school record for a tight end this season, including receptions for a tight end, and has an active streak of 23 consecutive games with at least one catch, the longest in SU history for a tight end.

Here's how Nick matches up against the three finalists.

Nick Provo: 453 yards, 6 TDs

Clemson's Dwayne Allen: 536 yards, 5 TDs

Georgia's Orson Charles: 435 yards, 5 TDs

Notre Dame's Tyler Eifert: 634 yards, 5 TDs

I don't know much about each tight ends' effect in blocking schemes or other intangibles but Provo measures up pretty well against them. One wonders if preference was given to those who play with teams in the national ranking rather than trying to figure out the best pound-for-pound tight end.

Regardless, it's been a great season for Provo and it ain't over yet.