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Isaiah Whitehead Still Considering Syracuse After Confusion

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After word broke yesterday that coveted 2014 recruit Isaiah Whitehead was dropping Syracuse from his list over the Bernie Fine allegations, reader PointBlankPeriodPeriod pointed out that it sounded like Whitehead's mother thought Fine was the head coach, not an assistant.

Up realizing the error, Isaiah has rescinded his removal and is still considering playing for the Orange after all.

"His mother thought Fine was the head coach. The way she was asked led her to think it was the head coach who was involved," Morton said. "Syracuse is one of the schools that Isaiah is still interested in."

Whitehead personally confirmed it to The Recruit Scoop on Sunday:

"Of course," Whitehead said by phone on Sunday night referring to whether he was still considering Syracuse or not. "I still like Syracuse and my family will wait to see what happens."

At the moment, Syracuse is reportedly joined by the likes of Pittsburgh, Kansas, North Carolina, Kentucky, St. John's and many others and it will be a while until Isaiah makes a decision. Glad to see cooler heads have prevailed...for now.

H/T: Dave S.