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Bernie Fine Allegations: Responses, Explanations & Inconsistencies

via <a href="" target="new">Rob Stronach</a>
via Rob Stronach

First and foremost, everyone needs to go read the Post-Standard's piece by Michael J. Connor, "Why we didn't publish the Bernie Fine story in 2003" and then read their piece, "Bernie Fine's accuser told Post-Standard in 2002: 'I thought I needed him'."

For those wondering what the entire process looked like when Davis first accused Bernie Fine and no one found enough evidence to print it, there's your answers.

As for Davis, I realized this morning reading his response to Jim Boeheim's comments that he still deserves the right to his side and for that side to be investigated. As Syracuse fans, I think it's easy to see Boeheim's reaction and take that as permission to assume Davis is lying. Perhaps he is...but perhaps he isn't. And as best we can, we'll have to stay in the gray.

There is one thing that Davis said that is worth mentioning.

"I just don't want it to happen anymore," Davis told ESPN, breaking down in tears. "A guy that hurt me a lot … he's hurting people still. I just want him to get help. I want him to stop."

There's already some bold accusations out there but that's one I don't think we've really delved into too much. Davis apparently has proof (or at least an understanding) that Fine is molesting children now. If that's the case, I would assume that's going to come to light soon. Or not, if it's untrue. Just one more layer to add to the story.

For those who feel Boeheim should have just kept his mouth shut, here's some proof. Boeheim's theory about Davis looking for money is apparently without merit (at least in terms of winning a civil suit).

"The case is likely to face difficulty whether a civil lawsuit or criminal charges are brought because the time for filing a lawsuit or prosecuting a crime appears to have passed," said Suzanne Goldberg, a Columbia University law professor and director of the Center for Gender and Sexuality Law.

Finally, to flip back to the other side of the coin, Nation of Orange has delved into the many instances when Bobby Davis has told his story and noticed that the details of when he first met Bernie Fine are different every time.

There's also this inconsistency about how Davis hated to fly yet claims to have been abused by Fine in Maui.

Read into all that what you may.

There have also been a lot of rumors and reports that Davis Lang is a "heavy drinker" and "likes to party too much," though that doesn't necessarily prove anything. You could just as easily say he drinks because of what happened. It's probably best to steer clear of those claims for the time being.

Meanwhile, more and more former Syracuse players continue to chime in and voice their support for Fine.