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Syracuse Orange-Themed Halloween Costume Contest: Let's Pick A Winner

Great job by everyone who submitted pics of their Syracuse Orange-themed Halloween costumes (and pumpkins). It's now time to pick a winner and that winner will receive a PDF copy of Orange Tip-Off, the Syracuse Basketball season preview that I may or may not have told you about fifty-seven times.

Here are your semi-finalists...

#1 - Little Otto via kotite4ever


As Dan says, "That’s the look on my face every time Scoop has the ball with five seconds left on the shot clock."

#2 - Syracuse QB, Class of 2032 via Neilanthony3


#3 - The Cuse Wonder Pup via BigandBob


#4 - Baby Boeheim via cusegirl2004


He's the cutest curmudgeon of them all.