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Syracuse Athletics Has Had Better Weeks

Remember when our biggest problem was that our football team was struggling? Those were nice times.

Heading into this weekend, one of our star football players' career is probably over a year too soon, the university's reputation is critically-damaged and our legendary, seemingly-untouchable basketball coach's career hangs in the balance.

Not to mention the fact that two children may have been subjected to sexual molestation (It goes without saying that if you do know something, anything about the allegations, contact the Syracuse Police confidentially at 315-442-5222).

There's a basketball game Saturday against Colgate (Time Warner Cable/SNY) but, if you're like me, you're too dazed to process it. Who can care about whether or not Scoop Jardine will break out of his slump right now?

Bernie Fine will not be there (but Gerry McNamara will). Syracuse will win because that's what we always do against the Raiders but that will be the 147th most intriguing part of the day.

Will there be demonstrations? Will any players have BF written on their sneakers? Will the players be allowed to talk to the media after the game? Will there be pro-Bernie signs in the crowd? Will there be anti-Bernie signs in the crowd? Will the Carrier Dome confiscate anything related to the accusations?

And Boeheim's press conference??? My God..Jim Boeheim will be standing in front of microphones and speaking into them. ALL BETS ARE OFF.

More news will develop over the weekend. Those news trucks are going anywhere anytime soon. The shock and support from former players, basketball pundits, local media and colleagues will keep rolling in. Let's all just try our best to remain calm, carry on and hope for the best.