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Bernie Fine Allegations: Gerry McNamara Elevated To Assistant Coach, Says Boeheim

I'm sure it's not the ideal situation that he was hoping for but graduate assistant and former Syracuse Orange player Gerry McNamara has been elevated to assistant coach in the wake of Bernie Fine's administrative leave following child molestation charges.

Jim Boeheim made the announcement Friday via statement.

According to Brent Axe, Gerry won't just be a member of the staff, he'll be Associate Head Coach. Probably more just a continuity move rather than to say Gerry leapfrogs Hopkins and Autry. I'm guessing that if Boeheim gets thrown out of a game, Hopkins still grabs the clipboard. (Update: Axe was mistaken on that. GMac is just a lowly assistant, not an associate HC).

Bernie Fine is on administrative leave pending the results of a Syracuse police investigation, and most like another internal SU investigation, into alleged molestation of two former ball boys that occurred in the 70's and 80's. Fine recently released a statement calling the claims patently false and has the public support of longtime boss Jim Boeheim.