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Bernie Fine: 'Allegations Are Patently False In Every Aspect'

Faced with allegations that he molested two young boys for over a decade while an assistant coach at Syracuse University, Bernie Fine has released a statement denying all charges.

"Simply put, these allegations are patently false in every aspect. The fact is these allegations have been thoroughly investigated multiple times. When evaluating the veracity of these accusations, please keep in mind that credible media outlets were approached in the past to publicize these false allegations and declined to do so. I fully cooperated with all past inquires.

"Sadly, we live in an allegation-based society and an internet age where in a matter of minutes one's life long reputation can be severely damaged. I am confident that, as in the past, a review of these allegations will be discredited and restore my reputation. I hope the latest review of these allegations will be conducted expeditiously.

"Finally, I appreciate the Chancellor’s statement that I should be accorded a fair opportunity to defend myself against these accusations. I fully intend to do so. There should never be a rush to judgment when someone’s personal integrity and career are on the line."

The statement was released by Karl J. Sleight of Harris Beach law office in Albany, whom we can assume is representing Fine.

Don't expect any Bob Costas phone calls or Armen Keteyian emotion-windows. Fine's going to do this by the book, as he should.