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Bernie Fine Allegations: D.A. To Carry Out Full Investigation

While Syracuse Orange fans would like to assume the accusations leveled against Bernie Fine are untrue, we don't really have that luxury. So it's only right that Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick today promised to carry out a full investigation into the matter.

"I want to know who knew what, what they knew, what they did about it and what they didn't do about it," Fitzpatrick said.

Fitzpatrick was disturbed to learn that the Syracuse police never notified him of the initial report and that the investigation was carried out by a law firm, not the police.

Meanwhile, Jim Boeheim has gone all-in to defend Bernie Fine but he tells Bud Poliquin that he's going to step away from the microphone now. Not sure what else he can add to the conversation at this point so probably for the best.

"I've talked to ESPN, the (New York) Times and you," said Boeheim. "That's it. I'm done talking. I've released my statement. The university has released their statement."

Boeheim has made one thing clear. He believes so firmly that Bernie is innocent, that he is staking his entire career on it. I think we all know what's going to happen to Jimmy if things go the other way.

Speaking of people staking their careers, lest it not be forgotten that Nancy Cantor has also asked DOCTOR Daryl Gross to take an administrative leave for the time being as well. Hence the lack of a statement from the one who's usually first-in-line. Chances are this is a preemptive strike by Cantor in the event that a cover-up is discovered, but might not be related to a specific known incident as of yet.

Looks like I misread that. Cantor asked Gross to put Fine on leave, not to take it.

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