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Syracuse Football: Phillip Thomas Suspended From Team

All of a sudden, the SU football season has turned into a Smashing Pumpkins album. Syracuse Orange And The Infinite Sadness.

Starting safety Phillip Thomas has been suspended for yet-to-be-determined-and-probably-never-determined reasons, according to the Post-Standard and Brent Axe.

The suspension puts Thomas in jeopardy of missing the final two games of the season against Cincinnati (Nov. 26) and Pittsburgh (Dec. 3).

So that's good.

If you weren't aware, Thomas leads the Orange in tackles (82) and leads the Big East in interceptions (6).

So that's even better.

Jeremi Wilkes or Olando Fisher will get the start in Thomas' stead if he's still suspended come next week when the Orange host the Cincinnati Bearcats.

If there's any one thing the Orange couldn't afford heading into this do-or-die portion of the season, it was lose a key component of a defense already being held together by silly string.

So that's the best.