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Syracuse vs. Colgate: Red Raiders Back...Again

Ah, Colgate. There was once a time when their mere mention would strike fear into the hearts of Syracuse Orange fans. That time was nearly a century ago.

Syracuse and Colgate have played each on the hardwood 163 times. At the first meeting in 1902, Jim Boeheim scored 22 and Syracuse trounced the Raiders 33-8.* Colgate got us back a month later, 21-17, and the rivalry was born.

Last season the Orange put a walloping on Colgate, 100-43. The Orange led by as much as 63 and the 57-point final equaled Syracuse’s largest win in Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim’s 35-year tenure. The way this year's team is playing, they might eclipse that. There's a reason Syracuse has a 118-45 record against the Raiders...

Colgate comes into the game on the heels of a loss to No. 14 Wisconsin and are 1-1 in Matt Langel's first season as head coach. Their goal this year? Score more than 8 points in the first-half against the Orange, something they were unable to do last year.

For the Orange, fans are beginning to wonder if Scoop Jardine's early-season struggles are just kinks being worked out or if the competition coming from Brandon Triche and Dion Waiters is enough to displace him.

"If the guy in front of him makes those kind of plays, he'll get in there early," Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim said after Monday's game.

"I become more of a point guard (with Jardine out)," Triche said. "I kind of like the ball being in my hands a little bit more. I feel more comfortable playing on the ball than off the ball."

* Some parts of that sentence might be untrue.