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Syracuse Alums Headline Team USA At 2011 Maccabi Pan American Games

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There was no Club Trillion update after the Albany win since none of the walk-ons saw any time. That said, a couple of Syracuse Orange walk-ons are getting ready for a whole lot of court-time soon.

Remember Todd Burach ('04 - '07) and Ross DiLiegro ('04 - '07)? This dynamic duo will be joining forces one again, this time in Sao Paolo, Brazil, when they represent Team USA in the 2011 Maccabi Pan American Games between December 26 - January 2.

I guess they'll be laying off the Chinese food on Christmas Day. More spring rolls for me, then.

Todd (a fellow Central, NJ/Route 9 Jew like myself), sent over some details:

We'll be competing against Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Israel over the course of 2 weeks at the end of December. We just finished our third and final mini-camp, with exhibition games against Columbia's Developmental Team and the NYC affiliate of the Atlantic Coast Professional Basketball League (they weren't on strike).

The team is coached by Stu Wittner, former coach at Pace University. It's a 12 man roster that also has former players from UNevada, Cal, Binghamton (Dave Fine), Cal St. East Bay, WashU St Louis, NYU among others.

Going back to the Club Trillion Watch for a second, Ross owns the rarest of distinction...after playing only one minute in his freshman year, he Club Trillion'd an entire season! Impressive.

Mazel Tov, fellas.