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Syracuse Basketball: On To MSG, But First A Little Colgate To Freshen Up

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Some Syracuse Orange fans might be a little confused right now. With our win over Albany last night, we moved on to the semifinals of the incorrectly-named NIT Preseason Tip-Off.

Next up in the NIT are the Virginia Tech Hokies, who defeated FIU in their bracket last night. However, that's not our next game. Our next game is this Saturday against the "hated" Colgate Red Raiders. The Raiders get to "warm up" tonight with a game in Wisconsin.

Once we've dispatched with the Raiders, we'll move to MSG where we'll face the Hokies on Wednesday. If we win, we play either Stanford or likely Oklahoma State for the title on Friday. Regardless, no one will value either game if we win them since they're played in NYC and that's, like, five minutes away from the Carrier Dome. So, that's nice.

Then it's back to the Dome for a Tuesday the 29th showdown with Rob Murphy and the Eastern Michigan Eagles.

Got it? Good.