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Syracuse Basketball Players Lead Nation In Fawning Retweets

There are three certainties in life.



Dion Waiters will retweet anything that you tweet to him that says how great/attractive he is.

Syracuse Orange basketball has so many traditions already. Fans sanding until the first field goal is scored. The Sour Sitrus Society. Otto's Army. The Dunk N' Bright Recliner Free Throw Shot.

And now in this day and age of social media, you can add one more to the list. If you send Dion Waiters, Michael Carter-Williams or one of the other Orange a tweet telling them they had a great game, they will almost certainly spend the entire evening after the game retweeting that information to everyone else.

Specifically, Waiters has set the gold standard for the Post-Game Positive Retweet.

Want to tell him how great he is? He understands.

Want to cpmare him to Gerry McNamara or Jonny Flynn or even Allen Iverson? He's let it fly.

Want to say he looks like Usher? He's with you.

Just want a retweet for the hell of it? He hears you.

Of course, true growth only comes from competition. And in the case of Post-Game Positive Retweeting, freshman Michael Carter-Williams is making a sudden impact.

MCW is more than happy to accept your praise, love, adoration, eyeballs and favor. And by God, if you ask for a RT, you shall get a RT.

Unfortunately, it seems like another good thing may be coming to an end prematurely. Dion Waiter just so happened to post the following this morning as the RT-fest ended...

I'm not going to be on twitter alot anymore. I'm trying to really focus on the season.. I'll check from here nd there though.. #FOCUS
Nov 15 via Twitter for iPhoneFavoriteRetweetReply


Could the dream be over? We'll find out tonight if and when the Orange win and the Post-Game Positive Retweeting begins...