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You Want To Invite Mookie Jones Over For Thanksgiving

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So far this season, Mookie Jones has four points and two steals in limited action. And by all accounts (those being his Twitter and Facebook ones) he's found a measure of peace with his place on the squad, seems to be putting his head down and working hard.

Mookie did take some time out to do an interview with Extra Point Sports Magazine, which you can read online. Head on over to page 8 for the goods, though I'll go ahead and share the best parts below. As you'll see, Mookie Jones is a layered, young man who's rather secure in his artistic tastes, most of which you probably like too but are afraid to admit it.

In other words, he is a delight.

The article refers to Mookie as a fan favorite and I actually think that's true. Lord knows we've had our fun with the oft-embattled junior. I don't think any Syracuse fans are rooting against The Mookpocalypse. We want to see The Mookpocalypse. Badly. We just don't like it when anything gets in the way of it.

On his musical tastes:

"I listen to slow jams. I learned that from Wesley Johnson, if you listen to slow jams before a game it slows your mind down...I was listening to this the other day and someone was like, "Are you really listening to that?" I was playing Miley Cyrus, "Party In The USA." And I like "Fireflies" by Owl City. I love those songs. Those songs are good. But the guys, if I played it in the locker room, they'd be singing it. I'm gonna catch them one day on video."

On his movie tastes:

I watch every movie in the world. Bug's Life; Lion King; Fox And The Hound. I watch movies like The Notebook. A lot of guys find it funny that I watched it without a female, but I think it's a lovely story, you know.

On his video game tastes:

"Playing Call of Duty. I play with a lot of the guys. Since Call of Duty came out, we got about 12 guys on Call of Duty playing big games online. [Ed. Note - Don't tell Charlie Strong!]"

Does he get more love in Syracuse or his hometown of Peekskill?

I get more love in 'Cuse. I'm getting ready to change my birthplace to Syracuse...I feel like a celebrity sometimes. I'm still shocked to this day. I got a lot of people who [support] Syracuse Basketball and support me as well.

On his future:

I'm going to be honest. Let's be honest. I don't want to work a 9-to-5 job. My chances for the NBA aren't looking too good...Maybe, hopefully, sometime in the next couple of years, I'll be overseas or something. As long as it's some job making good money where I can sit back and take care of my family and my daughter as well.

Go read the rest of the interview here and get ready to cheer Mookie next time he gets in the game before a celebratory viewing of The Notebook.

In his mind, Mookie's already watching it...

H/T: Kevin B.