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Syracuse Still No. 5 In Both Polls, Duh

Polls are inherently dumb to begin with. Early-season polls in college basketball are extremely dumb. And yet, we just can't quit them...

The Syracuse Orange went into the season No. 5 in both the AP and Coaches Polls and their win over Fordham did nothing to change that.

The Coaches Poll doesn't change up top and neither does SU's spot. They remain sandwiched between UConn and Duke. Louisville (No. 7) and Pitt (No. 9) join them in the Top Ten and Marquette (No. 19) and Cincinnati (No. 20) round out the Big East inclusion in the Top 25.

The AP is much of the same. The Orange are comfortably slotted in at No. 5 behind UConn. No. 8 L'ville, No. 9 Pitt, No. 20 Cincy and No. 21 Marquette round out the Big East contingent.

As for the AP voters themselves, it was pretty universal that the Orange deserve the 5-spot for now. Kudos to New Orleans'-based Fletcher Mackel and The Daily Herald's Scott Johnson who ranked SU at No. 2 in their polls.

It would be easy to hate on Scott Wolf for locking in the Orange at No. 12 but then you remember that these polls are meaningless and Scott Wolf is a lunatic when it comes to poll voting.