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Syracuse vs. Bye Week: After Rematch With Fightin' Byes, A Nooner Awaits

Last time, we escaped by the rind of our orange against Bye Week. It was a sign that this SU team was going to struggle with most opponents, be they real or imaginary.

You better believe Bye Week has been counting the weeks for this one. They had us where they wanted us and we slipped by. Now, we're damaged goods. Our psyche is bruised. Us Orange are easy pickins and the time might be right for the first win in the history of Bye Week's existence. Stay tuned, SU fans.

You never want to look past a team like Bye Week. Classic trap game. HOWEVER, I would like to mention that the game after this one, Cincinnati, has been announced as a Nooner and as such, we might as well not even bother.

Syracuse has lost seventeen of the last nineteen Nooners it has played (since 2006). That includes the Toledo win that we maybe-kinda shouldn't have won.

The good news is, The Transverse Law Of Big East Football is on their side. Cincinnati is the No. 1 team in the Big East and they control their own destiny. THEREFORE, they will lose again very soon in order to send the conference into a five-team chaos scenario heading into the final weekend.

The other good news is that Cincinnati Bearcats QB Zach Collaros will miss the game (and the rest of the season) with a broken right ankle. The QB against us will now be something called Munchie Legaux and I refuse to believe that something called Munchie Legaux can beat us...until it happens.

The game will be televised on either ESPN2 or as the BIG EAST Network Game of the Week, likely depending on how well Cincy does this week against Rutgers.