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Syracuse Basketball Club Trillion Watch: Tomaszewski Takes The Lead

The great thing about having a really good basketball team is not their ranking or their record or the amount of points they can score. It's watching them decimate opponents so much that all of the walk-ons get a chance to play and, therefore, attempt to join Club Trillion.

We didn't have too many opportunities for membership last season in spite of our good record. Hopefully, the Fordham win is a sign that we're going to have a lot of chances to watch magic happen in 2011-2012.

In the Fordham win, five players saw one minute of action, the first requirement of joining Club Trillion. Griffin Hoffmann, Brandon Reese, Matt Lyde-Cajuste, Nick Resavy and Matt Tomaszewski.

Of course, the next requirement of Club Trillion is that you do absolutely nothing with that minute. No points, no assists, no shots, not even a foul. Hoffmann, somehow, picked up two fouls. Lyde-Cajuste wrongly grabbed a board. Reese had the gall to make a shot. Resavy took a shot and missed.

That leaves Tomaszewski, who posted 14 zeros across the boxscore and qualifying him as the early leader of SU Basktball's Club Trillion Standings.

Congrats, Matt. Keep it up. Or keep it down, whatever makes more sense.