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OrangeTube 11/10/11 - Orange, More Than A Color

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Oftentimes, Syracuse Orange-related videos slip through the Intercracks of the InterTubes. Let's remedy that with the latest edition of OrangeTube.

First up, you're all required to watch Orange, More Than A Color; The Sights and Sounds of Syracuse University Fans; as they tailgate and enjoy the game (Great work by David Trotman-Wilkins).

Speaking of Orange fans, here's some more tailgating SU folks and characters, like Bob Barker.

Great video of the post-game celebration in Varsity Pizza after a Syracuse football win.

Senses of Syracuse University...

Syracuse University Athletics has guided us through some of the most amazing moments we will never forget, and for that I thank you Syracuse. This is a present for myself, and for all the fans who have endured all of these memories. Watch this if your having a bad day. " - Brandon Massey

Syracuse Softball raising breast cancer awareness with their "Save 2nd Base" softball game.