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Syracuse vs. UConn: The Ballad Of Coach P

I want Syracuse to win this game by 40.

There are obvious reasons for this, of course. Bu the less obvious reason is, I can't wait to see how some SU folks out there react. Based on what I've seen the past few weeks, I think there's a sub-section of Syracuse fans who would be mad. Seriously. Like, "OH, you win by 40 this week but what about last week? What went wrong then? It was such a failure. That game is more important than this one because we lost. AH I HATE EVERYTHING!!!"

Some of us loooooove to harp on the negative at the expense of the positive. Not sure what the appeal is but, I hope for the sake of those fans that we win every game from here on out and they spend all of December complaining about the Louisville loss. That will be fun.

ANYWAY...(that's what I get for taking a look around the Cuse blogosphere just before writing)...the Syracuse Orange head to Connecticut to take on the UConn Huskies in what appears to be the easiest game left on the schedule. That said, as SU fans, I think we know better.

The national storyline is of course Paul Pasqualoni facing his old school for the first time since returning to college coaching. It's something that's going to get beaten to death the closer we get (drink every time someone shows Coach P's record while at Syracuse and then talks about how the program died after he left).

Marrone was asked if the Orange are going into the game thinking about Coach P and his impact. The answer was pretty much what you'd expect:

"I don’t really think about it like that, and I don’t think any of the players here probably will. The fans and the media may. But in this profession, it’s so volatile – I can’t tell you a game that I’ve coached when someone I’ve coached with previously wasn’t on the opposing sideline. You have relationships with people all the time, and it’s just part of the profession. And especially at the next level where there are only 32 teams. But even at this level with 120 teams, it’s just so volatile and everyone just keeps going around the coaching circle. So from a coach’s standpoint, we see it probably a lot more often than most people think we do."

Marrone did single out current UConn OC and former Syracuse OC George DeLeone for helping the current SU head man become the coach he is today:

"Obviously my relationship with Coach DeLeone goes way back. From the standpoint of visiting and working, he’s helped me quite a bit to get to where I am today. I respect a lot of people in this profession, but I respect him beyond just coaching – he’s meant so much to me in my life.

"When I first started to try to break into coaching, he was at the forefront of writing letters of recommendation and calling people for me, and those are things you don’t forget when you get older. Even to this day, wherever I’ve been, I talk to him at least once a year, if not more."

It's not just Pasqualoni who is close to a former employer. Back in the day, Doug Marrone coached at the nearby Coast Guard Academy. And if he had his druthers, he'd still be there churning out Pinstripe Bowl-quality Coast Guard teams.

"I've been a lot of places," Marrone said. "But if my career had stopped there ... I would have been very happy if my career ended at Coast Guard."

As for Coach P, he's not putting the focus on himself and his history with the Orange, which, is history at this point:

"I left there, I don't know how many years ago now? Seven years? Seven years is a long time in the football business. There have been a lot of games in between my last one there and this one. Really, no other feelings than let's get ready to play a good Big East Conference team."

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