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Syracuse Orange Basketball Season Preview Podcast

With the 2011-2012 Syracuse Orange basketball season getting underway this evening with SU's exhibition game against CSULA, the time was right to gather the five lions of Orange knowledge and form Voltron.

TNIAAM regulars Dan Lyons and Adam Gerard formed the feet and legs.

Matt McClusky and 900 Irving's Brian Goodman formed the arms and torso.

And I formed the head...

Together, we became a season preview force more powerful than anything you've ever witnessed. should probably listen.

The Orange Tip-Off crew discusses the mighty expectations ahead, breaks down most of the players on the roster and what we can expect from them, answers your questions about the team and gives their predictions for what is expected to be a banner year in SU basketball.

You can listen below, you can download the podcast from TalkShoe and feel calmed by our voices during your morning yoga practice, you can subscribe to the RSS feed and you can even download it off iTunes like the cool kids do.

For more on the 2011-2012 Syracuse Orange basketball team, including player profiles, statistical analysis and articles on the upcoming year featuring the folks in this podcast, make sure you check out Orange Tip-Off.