1.  4-2 is better than 3-3.  Other than that, it's hard not to feel like we are a pretty soft 4-2.

2.  This team is really not that good.  I said before the year that 7-5 would be an improvement over last year because of the more difficult schedule overall and given the losses on defense.  If that's the case, then 6-6 is as good as last year.  If we can win 2 of our remaining games--I think we have to consider the season a success.  If we can finish 3-3, that would really be taking the next step as a program.

3.  I have to think that we'll be a much better team next year.  I actually like what I see on defense.  Our LBs are flying around.  Thomas and Thomas are solid.  Philip has been tackling much better.  We really need our DL to get more pressure though.  Having to rely on blitzes to get any pressure is killing us.  

4.  To the Tulane game.  For the 6th straight week, we have made a QB look better than they really are.  At least last week we made Chas look bad.  This Griffin kid carved us up. 

5.  I know we all hate the prevent defense.  But when you are up by 17... might not be a bad defense to roll out there.  Do we really need sacks and man-on-man coverage?  Make them use clock.  Not Shafer's best game. 

6.  Starting to get worried about Nassib.  He had some good passes and good plays, but he goes into these funks where he is not very accurate.  For him--that means throwing the ball about 50% too fast or too high or too low.  I hope he shakes out of it.

7.  Great game by Dorian Graham.  IIRC, all of his catches were not only huge--but with degree of difficulty.  Helped offset another off game by Chew. 

8.  Hard to be disappointed with the offense when they score 37 points.  But we still left points on the field.  We got a turnover and did nothing with it again.  I have my concerns that our style of offense is not going to be one that ever makes an opponent nervous.  And certainly not as nervous as Toledo's offense made ME.  We need to be less streaky somehow.  But at least we put together that late drive for the FG.

9.  Bob Toledo?  Probably should have let us score the TD and got the ball back.  Not sure why he took his chances on a FG.  I know we have been shaky... but that's still a pretty high percentage kick. 

10.  Our special teams--other than Kobena, who was outstanding--still concern me.  We can't punt from the 42 and have them get the ball at the 26.  Ever.  A touchback sucks, but at least that gives you a chance to perhaps down it inside the 10 or 5.  WTF was that? 

11.  4-2 is better than 3-3.

12.  4-2 is better than 3-3.

13.  4-2 is better than 3-3.  (starting to believe it)