"Open Audition" for WR/RB for the Tulane Game

Axe had some pretty interesting Marrone comments quoted in his latest article


Marrone said he met with the team Monday and announced that every scholarship receiver on the roster would get a shot to play.

Thats pretty interesting.  It looks like Tulane will be an open audition, for better or worse, for the offense.  I agree, he needs to pressure the starters to perform in what was supposed to be the teams strength this year and ended up fizzling repeatedly.  He is keeping Nassib in, but it seems like everyone else is going to be rotated in.

That means players already in the rotation such as junior Dorian Graham, who has displayed the speed to get open deep, and redshirt freshman Jarrod West (6-foot-2, 204 pounds), who has a nice combination of size and grace. It means more of true freshman Kyle Foster (6-3, 207). It means a chance for sophomore Adrian Flemming (6-3, 196). And it means a shot for Jeremiah Kobena, who has displayed ample burst as a kick returner but like Graham has struggled to hang onto the ball at times.

“I told the team we needed someone to step up,” Marrone said. “They responded in practice. It was fast and focused. Let’s see if it translates to the game.”

If starters Van Chew and Alec Lemon respond to the challenge, great. If not, they will be in danger of being pushed aside. Marrone believes he has a quarterback in Nassib who can make the offense click. He aims to find his quarterback some targets.

That being, said - Im stoked to see a lot of the WRs get in there, and also:

"Speaking of players getting a look, it seems like Steven Rene and Adonis Ameen-Moore are to get some carries in this game in addition to the added carries Jerome Smith has seen."

So....looks like we are going to see something interesting Saturday night!

thoughts?  I think its awesome.  I was thinking AAM would be redshirted this year.