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Syracuse Daily Links - The Big East Has Its Priorities In Order

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Big East Expansion Less Important Than Big East Exit Fees, Apparently -
That's kind of insane, if true. No school is going to be talked into sticking around because of the threat of an exit fee. Is the Big East trying to follow the Big 12's sudden model for stability (get half your schools turned down by the Pac-12 and agree to six years of everlasting harmony)?

False Alarm: Big East Presidents Discuss Raising Exit Fee, Not Expansion - Big East Coast Bias
According to Brendan Prunty of the New Jersey Star-Ledger, the league discussed raising the exit fee and there appeared to be some level of agreement to do it in the near future

Three Idiots on Sports: Syracuse - Tulane Prediction
Did you ever notice in New Orleans they call donuts beignets? I have. If people in New Orleans don't have enough common sense to call a donut a donut, I don't see any way the University of Tulane can field a competent football team. People that don't understand pastry don't understand life. If Syracuse loses to this bunch of beignet lovers, I'll eat my hat.

Syracuse’s Secret Weapon in Landing Amile Jefferson? Hakim Warrick : Orange Fizz
Warrick put Friends Central basketball on the map and is the most well-known basketball graduate. Having Hakim talk to Jefferson is a huge plus and can get him more comfortable with the Orange program.

Hey, remember Aaron Weaver? He's got some highlights.

The Syracuse University Marching Band performs "Karaoke Show" at halftime of the Rutgers game.