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Hey, Don't Forget About The Syracuse Lacrosse Alumni Classic, You Guys

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Everybody's all "Syracuse Orange football this" and "Syracuse Orange basketball that" and "Syracuse Orange volleyball that too."

What about Syracuse Orange lacrosse, you guys? What ABOUT them?

Almost every notable Syracuse lacrosse player from the past and present that you can think of will be in the Dome Saturday for the second annual Alumni Classic.

Unless you're Jewish, you're free on Saturday before the Tulane game. And let's be honest, if you're a Reform Jew, you're probably free as well (My Hasidic readership is SOL).

The Classic concludes SU’s fall practice sessions. An Old-Timers game starts at 2 p.m. At 3:30, the current SU team will play a collection of Orange all-star alums that includes Gary Gait, Mike Leveille, John Glatzel, Ric Beardsley, Sean Lindsay and Mulligan.

Tickets cost $10. Parking will be free at the Raynor Lot across from the Dome.

The big question this year...what kind of cockamamie shorts will the alumni wear this time?

SU lacrosse fans not yet ready to live in a world in which John Galloway is not our goalie will be given a nice transition when Galloway takes his usual spot in the net...but for the alumni.

Speaking of goalie, that's the position coach Desko is going to be keeping an eye on the most.

"Goalie’s probably the biggest question mark, not because of lack of ability but because of ability," Desko said. "A year ago, most of the guys coming back were going to fill starting lineup roles, so the thing was kind of set. Now, it’s wide open and a lot of players are seeing the potential for getting in in game situations and in starting spots."

Peep the alumni roster here.