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Syracuse Basketball Midnight Madness Now 100% Tone Loc-Less

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When Syracuse University first announced the line-up for the 2011 Midnight Madness event, folks were slightly underwhelmed to hear that Tone Loc and one of the Jersey Shore girls were the headliners.

As to why the event needs a headliner to begin with considering the only thing anyone cares about is watching the basketball team is a topic for another time.

Htiching themselves to the Tone Loc bandwagon, they probably should have double-checked to make that bandwagon wasn't days away from pleading no contest to charges of domestic violence. Especially considering recent events that have transpired within the program.

And so, SU did a Wild Thing and made the Funky Cold decision to excise Tone Loc from Midnight Madness proceedings. Tucked away in the last paragraph in weird font is the news...

Rapper Tone Loc was originally scheduled to perform but, in light of recent situations, it was determined that it was in the best interest of Syracuse University, it’s alumni and its fans to make a change.

Fear not! In his stead is something called Meek Mill (website, Twitter), a Philly rapper who's latest song "Tupac's Back" is currently making the rounds. It's, um, something.

Syracuse's new release also excludes mention of Deena from Jersey Shore, who was apparently supposed to appear. SUCH MADNESS!

Fear not, fans of the originally-announced Midnight Madness line-up. America's Got Talent contestants Russian Bar Trio will still be performing. Thank God.

SU promises that the 2011 MM event will be "the best Midnight Madness in [Carrier Dome] history." Considering it's only the second, that's not nearly as lofty a goal as one might hope.