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TCU Leaving Big East For Big 12 Before They Even Got To Big East

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And so, TCU vs. DePaul will remain a dream forever unrealized.

TCU, who isn't set to become a member of the Big East until 2012, is going to join the Big 12 instead.

The New York Times' Pete Thamel reports the Big East was notified Thursday morning of TCU's intent to leave for the Big 12. Thamel also reports that TCU has scheduled a board meeting and will likely make the announcement soon.

The Horned Frogs will have to pay a $5 million exit fee in order to nix their relocation to the Big East, but they won't be subject to the same 27-month waiting period that struck Syracuse and Pitt upon the announcement of their ACC jaunt. This is because TCU was never actually a Big East team. That's pretty sad.

All things considered, not that shocking. TCU would be pretty dumb to turn down a chance to play Texas, Oklahoma and Texas Tech every year.

And now, here are some incoherent thoughts via Twitter:

  • I'm reading about TCU leaving on my iPhone while listening to iTunes and watching a Pixar movie. They changed the Big East forever!
  • How soon before Oliver Luck says "I'd take Tulane over TCU every day of the week"?
  • But seriously, Marinatto...take your time. No rush.
  • You know what will fix everything? Navy football.
  • Did TCU play Big East basketball in 1982? No? THEN MIKE TRANGHESE DOESN'T GIVE A S***.
  • Can't wait for Pat Forde and his cohorts to praise TCU for making the smart business decision.
  • And they're Texas Jewish University In the Fringe Alternate Universe, TCU is playing Miami in Big East Championship Game
  • Report: DePaul eating a KFC Famous Bowl while staring into middle distance in their basement, sobbing quietly.

Seriously, though, just watch as every ESPN personality that blasted Syracuse and Pitt praises TCU for their decision. JUST FRIGGIN WATCH.