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We're Leaving And We're Taking The Pinstripe Bowl With Us

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If it were up to DOC Gross, Syracuse would be locked into the Pinstripe Bowl every season. Even if we ever went 12-0 and ended the season ranked No. 1, he'd still rather play a 6-6 Iowa State team in Yankee Stadium than play for the National Title (assumedly).

So as far as he's concerned, the Pinstripe Bowl might as well just follow us to the ACC...

"Absolutely, absolutely. I would love that," Gross said. "I think that the Pinstripe Bowl folks would probably love to check out those types of relationships. There's just good matchups. And heck, why can't it be a Big East-ACC? Why can't it be some of those types of things?"

Once its current deal with the Big East and Big 12 expires, the bowl could be open to new options. That is when Gross hopes the ACC slides into the Big 12's potentially vacated spot.

Actually, that's a pretty good point. The Big 12 is a weird partner for a bowl game played in NYC. And with the Orange moving to the ACC, a Big East vs. ACC match-up could produce something like Syracuse vs. Rutgers or Syracuse vs. UConn, which would basically be an attendance dream scenario for the Pinstripe.

The ACC has not yet discussed its next bowl cycle so, just like SU's move to the new conference, don't expect that to happen overnight.