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DOCTOR Gross Gettin' Paid: 26th Highest-Paid AD According To Report

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It seems like University athletic directors are in the news and at the forefront more and more these days. Naturally, we need to know how much these people get paid.

USA Today compiled a handy-dandy salary list of every FBS AD in the nation. Here's what it tells us...

  • According to this list, DOCTOR Daryl Gross is the 26th highest-paid AD in the nation in terms of salary ($575K). They do not mention any bonuses for DDG but that's likely because Syracuse doesn't release that information.
  • In the Big East, he trails only Louisville's Tom Jurich ($1.4M) and Pittsburgh's Steve Pederson ($600K). If you're counting Notre Dame, Jack Swarbrick makes $932K.
  • When we move to the ACC, Gross will be behind Duke's Kevin White ($908K), Wake Forest's Ron Wellman ($694K), Georgia Tech's Dan Radakovich ($623K), Clemson's Terry Don Phillips ($601K), Boston College's Gene DeFilippo ($600K), Pitt's Pederson and Virginia Tech's Jim Weaver ($577K).
  • Oliver Luck makes $400K. Don't know what he's so crabby about. That's, like, $3M in West Virginia dollars.
  • Vanderbilt's AD makes $2.5M a year, which is $1M more than the No. 2 AD salary. I don't know what the heck that guy's doing but judging by his football program, I think he might be stealing money.
  • There are a bunch of N/As in there, including Miami and Penn State, so this is by no means an "official" list.

What does all of this prove? What's the point? Hell if I know. It's just a good jumping off point in case the discussion of how good a job one AD is doing compared to another. Once the ACC checks start rolling in, expect that salary to go up. And to be fair, Gross has probably earned it.